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About Me:

Over the course of my career I have managed 80,000+ mobile devices and laptops running iOS, Android, Windows and other OSes via Mobile Device Management using Intune and Airwatch (WorkspaceOne). I love the dynamic nature of this field wherein you have to be quick to adapt to the inclusion of new features via OS updates, upgrades to server components or platform upgrades. This is what makes it fun and challenging.

With the advent of 5G the number of connected smart and IOT devices is going to grow exponentially and so will the need to manage them. I am excited about the times ahead and am always working toward developing/implementing new technologies.

Start of Nov 2019 I enabled my erstwhile employer to become the first Android Zero Touch Reseller authorized to operate across Australia and New Zealand. Its great to work with like minded people who strive to deliver innovations.

Work Experience

MobileCorp Pty Ltd ( - 24 Sept 2018 till Nov 2019

Lead Mobility & Infrastructure Engineer

Description: Design, engineer and deploy bespoke Mobile device management solutions across different platforms like Airwatch, Intune, Mobileiron and Xenmobile to manage Windows, iOS and Android devices. Integrate MDM with MTM solutions like Wandera.


  • Define organization and personnel hierarchy within the MDM solution for seamless implementation of profiles and policies
  • Create O365 E3 or E5 mobility enabled test tenant instance, enable Azure domain services, Active directory and LADPS to mirror customers’ infrastructure
  • Integrate POC MDM (Airwatch, MobileIron, Xenmobile or Intune) with the O365 test instance


  • Device Enrollment programs of all the leading device manufacturers like Apple and Google.
  • O365 and Exchange online
  • Apple DEP integration and management
  • Android zero touch setup

  • Integrate EMM with MTM (Threat Management - Wandera) solutions
  • Implement data loss policies
  • Configure and enrol Windows devices onto MDM
  • Translate Business requirements into actionable MDM profiles and rules

  • Apple Volume Purchase setup, integration and management
  • Android Enterprise integration across different MDM solutions
  • SME on MDM
  • Build process flow documents


  • Designed, built and implemented complex nationwide MDM projects across multiple locations for public as well as private sector companies.

Certificate Courses

  • VTSP – MBL 2017 (Mobility Management) – by VmWare Airwatch
  • VST – Technical Sales – by VmWare Airwatch
  • Green Belt Six Sigma Certification with a score of 86%
  • Android Enterprise Professional
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  • Build bare metal linux Servers/Workstations with lowest possible memory utilization and least possible amount of background services.
  • Deploy MAC (Mandatory Access Control) profiles to limit the attack surface on Internet facing applications
  • Harden internal resources' security by confining applications’ access to them
  • Package open source software in .deb format for Debian OS
  • Hunt for bugs in popular FOSS apps



  • Mobile Device Management
  • Intune and Airwatch
  • Apple DEP
  • Android Zero Touch/Enterprise
  • Web and Email hosting
  • Domain Name servers
  • Digital SSL Certificates
  • Wordpress and Joomla
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Gsuite


  • Azure virtualization
  • O365
  • Linux server system admin
  • Active Directory management


  • MySQL and MsSQL
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Networking


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Mumbai University

High School - Maharashtra state board

Secondary School - Maharashtra board

One of my current projects:

Objective - Restrict unauthorized access to corporate email


  • Access to corporate email should only be allowed to Enrolled users
  • All other unenrolled users should be blocked from accessing email
  • Enrolled users can only access email via Outlook
  • Access via all other non-secure apps even iOS native mail app should be blocked


  • I was able to use a multi pronged approach to deliver all of the customer’s requirements
  • I used Azure’s conditional access in conjunction with app restriction policies
  • The POC details are still live and I am happy to share them for you to test


  • Outlook has it's own proprietary sync protocol which is different than EAS so a policy has to be created to selectively allow just this protocol
  • Majority of the mail clients use the tradition EAS protocol and EMM providers are aligned with this protocol as opposed to Outlook’s


  • To access email the users have to be enrolled and use Outlook. Being in breach of either condition will terminate email access

A couple of screenshots of before and after from the successful POC test device below:



Last work experience:

IMEI Pty Ltd ( (Telstra Enterprise platinum partner) 24th Jan 2017 – 07 Sept 2018

Technical Solutions Specialist

Description: Provide on-boarding, technical and lifecycle management support to 70 thousand+ mobile devices via MDM platforms like Airwatch, Xenmobile, Mobile Iron and others.


  • Manage escalations with Airwatch Engineering team
  • Project implementation for BAU customers
  • Configure, support and manage 200+ Polycomm video conferencing units (ADSL as well as LTE)
  • Schedule automated report generation for fleet devices
  • Monitor non-compliant devices and enforce customer directed policies ensuring compliance
  • Manage notifications of product downtimes, feature additions and platform upgrades with sufficient lead times
  • Support large volumes of mobile devices (Smartphones, tablet, data card, MDT) for some of Australia's largest companies
  • Supporting the internal IT environment run within IMEI
  • Keeping up to date with the latest Mobility product knowledge
  • Achieving defined quality service delivery measures within agreed SLA's


  • Consistent achievement of 90+ CSS rating
  • Major contributor in IMEI’s high NPS rating

Earlier Work Experience

Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Nov 2007 – Sept 2014)

Team Lead - Web Solutions at is Directi’s retail division. Directi was founded in 1998 and develops innovative mass-market Web Products serving millions of customers worldwide. It is valued at $300+ million and employs over 600 people. I led the Web Solutions team which provided application support for our products.


Web, email hosting and management of domains

  • Set-up and troubleshoot web hosting (Linux and Windows) and email hosting
  • Help people with DNS record addition. Add, remove email accounts. Checkserver logs to identify issues and help clients interpret them.
  • Help clients set up google apps. Manage their google apps admin interface.
  • Brand domain name servers by adding required DNS resource records
  • Deploy products' API kits in PHP, Perl, Java and .Net
  • Register almost all TLDs (Top level domain)


  • Set-up automated wholesale oriented e-commerce storefronts
  • Set-up and integrate various payment gateways (Paypal,, 2checkout etc) with the storefront
  • Set up, backup and restore databases for website/application. Troubleshoot database connectivity issues

Internet security management

  • Secure websites through encryption by installing SSL/digital certificates
  • Prevent phishing, spamming by closing malicious websites and educating customers on the topic
  • Detect malicious code in customer’s hosting space and help them remove the code
  • Analyze customers’ payment transactions to determine fraudulent ones and reject them

Additional Information:

Co-curricular: Won 2nd runner-up prize at inter-collegiate chess tournament of University of Mumbai in 2002

Interests: Reading fiction, badminton, swimming

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi